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Hi! I’m HeHe and I’m the founder of Tranquility by HeHe, The Birth Lounge, and can't wait to share The Momma Biz Academy with you!


I'm a Family Life Educator with 10 years of experience in supporting families, an Infant Feeding Specialist, and Birth/Postpartum Doula. My passion is helping pregnant women prepare for their birth with research-backed education and expert support to have an informed and confident birth in an environment that is a judgement-free zone where you feel heard and encouraged to birth in the position that feels most comfortable to you.

Hi! I'm Chelsea and I am the founder of Postpartum Together and now The Momma Biz Academy!


I am a postpartum advocate and coach who is committed to helping women kick the pressure to be "Pinterest Perfect" and have real, raw conversations to acknowledge and empower the postpartum experience. She focuses on a small group format to bring postpartum women together to learn about, connect over and be not alone through postpartum.


The tools you'll find at Momma Biz Academy come from our experiences founding businesses, countless trainings, and more. Here, you are more than a mom- you are ______.

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